Uganda Skateboard Society is a local community of skateboarders from Uganda providing access to skateboarding materials and DIY skateparks. Funky Flies LLC has donated 100 custom skateboards to their organization.


Created, Mixed & Mastered by: JEDI RYDAR




A revolution has hatched.

Our world has been poisoned by the waste of apes and whales who have become perversely cross-bred into one of the same.

From the feces and carcasses of fallen gorillas, kittens, doodles and doges hatches a force far superior. A swarm of deceptively small creatures with a killer bite.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the swarm has arisen to take on the goliaths that have overtaken our world.

We’re here to stay, and we’re hungry.

Why Flies, Why Funky?

Ryk & Johnie spent some time researching and buying into other NFT projects, and wanted to create something that could cohabitate with anything and everything, and live anywhere. We give you the Funky Flies LLC!

Hand Made NFT Art

Each of the 125+ Funky Fly NFT traits are hand drawn by Lisa and hand colored by GICE.

Buzzing Community

Our team is very proud of this project, and want everyone to share in our excitement! JOIN DISCORD TO GET FUNKY FLY!

Rarity Generation

There are a total of 7,777 Funky Fly NFTs in this collection and 7 of these are 1 of 1 SUPER RARE Funky Flies! Each fly is randomly generated the moment you send a transaction and based on rarity settings we took a ton of time to establish.

To catch your Funky Flies after mint is complete, you can trap them on OpenSea.

The Team


Founder, Web Designer,
Artist & Project Manager


Community Manager + Marketing


Community Manager + Products



Road Map 2.0

Any of the lucky minters that are lucky enough to mint a MUTANT FLY ONE of ONES will win .5 ETH! Each one will win ETH! Good luck!!

We are planning a FFLY Swarm Meet-N-Greet in the great state of North Carolina in 2022/2023. We are looking to rent a space, not a Yacht, to have live music and catering. So we can all meet and have a great time!! IRL is what it’s all about! Anyone with suggestions, please contact us. We would like to get an idea of how many will attend. So we can agree on a date and time and place!

We created a new WEB 3 Game from an old school classic. It brings NFT projects together and gives back to the NFT community. All of the ETH earned from the mint, go back to the community as prizes. Once we mint all 1,000 boards, only then, will the initial investment & expenses will be paid back to the FFLY Team. We will hold weekly GAMES NIGHTS + Flash Flingo 1-2 times a week! We will also be partnering with NFT Projects and make them winning multipliers. Join our space to learn more!
We are migrating from our FFLY Reward Token to a brand new Discord FFLY Coin as well as a new STAKING and REWARD REDEMPTION PROGRAM! Staking begins SEPT 15, 2022!

Each month we will put out a new t-shirt design concept, and ask the community to come up with a slogan. We also might have the community create a slogan, and then we can design the t-shirt around that? Either way we want you involved!! Submit as many slogans as you want! The winner will win a free tee and will get 5% of all sales of that tee from the Official FFLY Merchandise stores! The design is below. Let the ideas flow! MORE INFO

We will be creating TRAIT BASED CHANNELS in our Discord. Users can connect their wallets, verify and get rewards and discounts. More info coming soon!

We are going to be launching a tool that will make it simple for you, the FFLY OWNERS, to download your assets, your FFLY, without the background. Making it easy to upload to our merch store and buy a t-shirt, or you can use this file on anything you want! We want to see our community get creative and create some products!! Simply connect your wallet, to verify what FFLYS you own, and download! That simple! Portal coming soon!

Now that we have done all the leg work to make FUNKY FLIES LLC and get the name and logo trademarked, we are now going to be launching a FFLY AMAZON store. Custom products, community products and more. A percentage of this profit will be put back into the NFT project, and the community can decided how it gets used! More info coming soon!

We are currently working on some brand partnerships that range from Shoes to Skis to Beer and more! We will release more info as it becomes available!! 

We now have a community member that is taking over as our Discord DEV and he has been releasing updates on a weekly basis. This will continue to make our Discord a place to come, chill, make friend, talk funky flies and earn rewards!! Staking, Trait Channels, Games, Reward Redemption, NFT Sales Tracking – just to name a few!

We will continue our partnership with IFSKATE CO. Launching new skateboards and other products! Stay tuned for new event info!!